Yangfan Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhoushan Shipyard which was founded in 1952, which specialized in shipbuilding and marine outfitting manufacturing. With an area of 1440,000 square meters and a total coastline of 5,239 meters, it is crowned as one of the leading shipbuilders and marine products exporters of East China.
The Group owns four major subsidiary shipyards, namely Zhoushan Shipyard, Zh...

Yangfan held the Naming Ceremony of H2287 and 02-03
38670DWT Bulk Carrier H2286 Was Named 02-02
Chairman Li Mingdong on list of 2014 shipping 12-31
The technological development of 2600TEU Conta 12-31
The Comprehensive Test Center have been approv 12-31
2015 Campus Recruitment Started 11-24
Yangfan and Qingdao Shipyard sparkled on the S 11-24
Yangfan News was honored as "Excellent Newsp 11-24
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